Sunday, August 3, 2008

Poo Poo in the Potty

As soon as I found out I was pregnant again, some of my first thoughts were that 1.) I need to get Gehrig in a big boy bed, and 2.) we'd better start potty training. Well, after lots of advice, some solicited, most not, I went out and bought a Winnie the Pooh potty seat. Gehrig was thrilled to have it. He would sit on it in the living room and watch TV, read books, etc. Then we moved it into the bathroom. He knew exactly what it was for - he'd say "tee tee" and "do do" everytime he saw it. But when I tried sitting him on it naked, he flipped out. I just figured it was because it was new. Well, after the third or fourth time trying, I realized that the cup that you sit on just wasn't big enough. Everything (if you know what I mean!) wouldn't fit the way that it should. So, we decided not to use it. And of course, I was stressing out about the whole process. Thank God for Kim Brooks :) She reassured me that when it was time, Gehrig would do his thing. I wouldn't be able to force him out of diapers, just like I can't force him to eat his veggies. I can only offer encouragement.

Well, a couple of weeks ago, while in the tub, Gehrig informed me that he had to "do do". I picked him up and sat him on the toilet. Boy, did he scream! I think he was afraid that he was going to fall in. That's a mighty big hole for such a little tushie! I was determined that he was not pooping on the floor or in the tub, so squatted in front of him so he could hold on to me, and he finally pooped in the big boy potty. I let him see what he had done, then flushed. He said, "Bye-bye, do do!" Of course, I went totally overboard praising him for such a good job. He loved it :)

The next time we were in Wal-Mart, we bought him a seat that fits on top of the regular toilet. Yesterday, he became fascinated with it. He wanted to just sit on it for a while with his clothes on, so I let him while I worked on a Sudoku puzzle. Later in the day, he said, "Tee tee, pot" I ran in the bathroom with him, stripped him down and sat him on the toilet. Nothing. So I got him dressed again, and we practiced getting up and down from the potty. "Step, step, turn."

Once he got the climbing part down, we stripped again. He finally did go - only we didn't make it up the step stool in time for the wet part. But he did poo poo in the potty. Boy, were we excited!! Afterwards, he DID NOT want to get dressed. He was just so happy to be running around in nothing but his shoes. Here's proof -

I know we're a long way away from no diapers, but this sure is a start. At least he's asking for it, and I'm not having to push to much. We'll see what happens. Sorry if this is too much info, I'm just so excited :)


Jessica, JB & Ryleigh said...

Yea! I am so proud of him! (and you!)

I absolutely LOVE LOVE LOVE the pics of him naked with only shoes.... It is very reassuring that Ryleigh isnt the only child on this earth that LOVES to run around naked.. I know shes not.. just photos help sometimes :)

Heather said...

I am so excited for you guys! Abby went pee and pooh in the potty today!! She's been before, but a while back, and not much since - but we're putting those thick training pants on her, and taking her and she went!!! Don't give up - like Kim said they'll go when they're ready, but YAY!!! Can't help but to be excited for you! (and share the excitement)...By the way, those naked bootie pictures are priceless.. So cute. Abby cries when we have to put her diapers back on after trying to go potty.

Cliff and Nicole Roberts said...

This is a BIG deal!! I know he's trying hard. :) Walker also likes to take off when naked. Who knew it could be so much fun???

Scott, Kim & Logan said...

Yay Gehrig!!! It sounds like he is really doing well. I'm glad my words of encouragement helped you :) He'll be out of diapers in no time at all :)

The Partins said...

YAY! He is making a great start!