Friday, August 1, 2008

Doctor's Visit

I visited my doctor yesterday for a check up/follow-up from the specialist. The doctor I saw, Dr. Alexander, is new to the East Metro group. Brian and I both really liked him. He was very friendly, seemed to be extremely knowledgeable, and just generally a nice guy. Here are the results:

My blood pressure was 120/80, which is PERFECT! Praise God! I've gained about 7 lbs, if my math is correct. They told me I was only allowed 13, so it's not looking too good :) But they didn't say anything about that (not yet anyway!)

The doctor mentioned that I had what's called placenta previa, which just means that my placenta is very close to the opening of my cervix. He said that it would probably correct itself since it was still very early in the pregnancy, that as my uterus grows it should move it away.

In two weeks, I have to collect my urine for 24 hours. Because I developed preeclampsia at week 34 when I was pregnant with Gehrig, they want to get a baseline of my protein in my urine. Later in this pregnancy, if my blood pressure goes up, they'll collect more and test it to see how it compares to my baseline to determine if my medicine needs to be increased for my blood pressure or if I'm developing preeclampsia again.

We also discussed what kind of delivery I wanted. I had pretty much made my mind up before yesterday that I was having another c-section. But now I'm having second thoughts. I had a c-section the first time when I developed preeclampsia because after trying to induce labor, I was still only dialated to one after 24 hours. If I decide to have a c-section this time, I wouldn't be able to have a normal delivery if I were to get pregnant again in the future. I could have a third c-section, but the risk would be greater since I would have already been cut twice. In my mind, if we go with a c-section, that's it for us as far as pregnancies go. We haven't completely ruled out having a third child, but I'm thinking that two will probably be it for us, unless we adopt down the road. The thought of having a vaginal delivery scares me to death, for whatever reason. Probably because I don't know what it's like. Fear of the unknown. My main thing is trying to take care of Gehrig and the new baby after major surgery. My first c-section was great, but it took a good week before I was up moving somewhat normally. I'm sure it would be fine because Brian is the best dad and husband in the world, and he's always such a huge help around the house. We'll just have to pray and see what God says about it. I've still got a while to think about it.

Ah - decisions, decisions. What's a girl to do??


Kelly said...

Not sure if you WANT my advice or not, but I will give it anyway, and you don't HAVE to take it. I would go with vaginal delivery if your bodu will cooperate. It really isn't bad. I have done it 4 times now, and once (with Ava) with no drugs, whatsoever. If you have an epidural and it actually works correctly, you feel very little after that point. And before that, it does hurt, but it is not unbearable. But, I mean, you went through labor before, and that is the worst part. Vaginal delivery doesn't really hurt that much because the pressure from the baby's head numbs everything up to some extent. Plus, the pain is a great motivator to push the abby out :)

Sarahtish said...

I'll chime in here and you can take my advice or leave it. I've not had a c-section, but delivered vaginally both times. As a doula, I've studied extensively regarding birth and I suggest at least attempting a vaginal delivery. Work through your fear. I'd look into hiring a doula as well.

Here is a link to Dr. Sears regarding VBACs.

Also here is another website about VBACs.

Ultimately as long as you choose what is best for you based on all the information available...all will work out.

If you have any questions that I can help yo with, let me know.

Sarah Schaal

Jessica, JB & Ryleigh said...

Hey! Congrats on the BP! Yea Holly! Dont worry too much about the delivery. That will just make your bp go up with the stress :) I have had no experience with a VBAC but... vaginal wasnt that bad--and that is coming from someone who was scared to death! I was induced early cause of BP and Had the epi when i walked in :) tee hee... didnt feel a thing :) Keep us updated!

Kari said...

Hey Holly!

Just discovered your it! I've added a blog to my site and it's fun! Glad to hear that everything is going well with the pregnancy. I've only had vaginal births so I have no advice on the c-section issue. However, I did have placenta previa with Eli and it eventually moved up out of the way. Congrats on having another boy! And say "hey" to Brian!

Ida B. Goddard said...

I've got the same concerns about a second delivery as well. Don't get too stressed about it though. Whatever happens, happens. TTYS!!