Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Past Ready

Gee, I really am getting slack in keeping this thing updated. But I'm using pregnancy as an excuse. I won't be able to use that one much longer, though. I've only got 3 weeks to go, and man does that seem like forever!

I didn't make it this far with Gehrig, so it's definitely a new experience. This is the most uncomfortable I've ever been in my entire life, but I know it will be worth every bit of it. I just can't wait to finally hold Gibson. Here's a picture that the nurse at my specialist's office took for us:

Isn't he the cutest thing you've ever seen? Of course, I'm partial :)

Everything has been doing well with my blood pressure (praise God!) - just the normal pregancy stuff - sore back, swollen ankles, totally exahusted, etc. Gibson has been doing really well too. He's always practicing his breathing on every ultra sound, which happens to be every week. The doctor still says he's a big baby. I'm okay with that! There was one issue that was discovered about 2 weeks ago. It looks as though Gibson's ureter (the tube that goes from his kidney to the bladder) is enlarged. The specialist didn't seem overly concerned, so we aren't either. He did recommend that we go see a pediatric urologist. Nothing can be done until birth, but at least the urologist would have a heads up as to how to possibly treat the situation. My specialist said that in most cases, the baby is given antibiotics to avoid any possible infection, and that the issue resolves itself. I couldn't get an appointment until Jan 9, and my due date is the 13th. Chances are he'll be here before I see the urologist. But the doc said not to worry. Everything would be taken care of. Surprisingly, I'm not worried at all. Concerned, yes, but not worried. I know that God is bigger than any problem and that He'll take care of it all.

I cannot believe that Christmas is just two days away. Where has this year gone?? Originally, we were going to have Santa wait one more year before visiting Gehrig. Between Brian's parents (only grandchild) and my parents, we figured he'd have more than enough new toys. But Santa had other plans. He said he wasn't skipping our house for anything :) I can't wait to see Gehrig's face on Christmas morning. He had fun last year, but he's so much more into it this time. Up until about a week ago, when asked what he wanted Santa to bring him, he said "Christmas tree". Now he's added "toys" to the list. I think Santa can handle that :)

I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas!

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The Partins said...

Not too much longer now! I was induced on my due date... the last few weeks are MISERABLE, aren't they! At least you will have a fun Christmas to distract you. Enjoy and I LOVE The picture. so cute - of both of you!