Thursday, July 17, 2008

Happy Health

Yesterday, Brian called me @ work and said that he thought Gehrig had another ear infection. He had one about 3 weeks ago in his right ear, and he started pulling on his left ear yesterday. Brian said he wasn't too fussy, but just wasn't acting like himself. He didn't play at all, but sat in Brian's lap most of the day. I went ahead and made him an appointment with Dr. Miller to try and catch this one early. When we got there, Ms. Joy checked him out from head to toe, and no ear infection!! We were so glad :) He did have a low-grade fever, but she said that was probably a sign that his two-year molars were getting ready to come through. We went to Brian's parents' house last night for dinner, and Gehrig was playing a lot more than he had through the day. He didn't really act like he felt horrible. He slept all night and was his normal playful self today.

In other medical news, Brian's mom took my blood pressure last night, and it was 118/74! PERFECT!! I was so relieved. Most of you already know, but I delivered Gehrig 6 weeks early because of high blood pressure, and at my last doctor's visit with this pregnancy my blood pressure was 160/100. They put me on a low-dose medication, and it's working! It's been a constant worry of mine, but I know that worrying and stressing doesn't do anything good for the body. I'm having to make a conscious effort daily not to get worked up about things. And with my hormones, that isn't an easy thing to do :)


Scott, Kim & Logan said...

YAY!!! I am glad Gehrig is ok!! I am so relieved to hear about your blood pressure :) That's just great!! God is so good and faithful!!! I hope you're having a nice Friday and I will talk to you soon. Keep thinking your happy thoughts because it's working!!!

Cliff and Nicole Roberts said...

Glad to hear Gehrig isn't sick. Ear infections are no fun...and we love Joy, too! :)
See you Tuesday.